Moving From Doubt to Self – Esteem As an Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur who is launching an entirely new venture?

Do you feel an unending sense of self-doubt that you can’t or aren’t able to or

You know you have the knowledge; you know you’ve got the experience; you’re confident in your potential, yet on some level , you be concerned about your potential to succeed in the crowded and noisy business environment.

Although these issues may be mistaken for low self-esteem, they’re completely different in the way that they are factored into outcomes.

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Doubts about yourself are a common feeling and tends to appear when faced with something different or new. Even those who’ve been in the industry for long enough to have gathered an image of success, they may be skeptical about their capabilities in bringing their companies to the next level of accomplishment.

Self-confidence is based on having confidence in your abilities and knowing your strengths. It comes from relentlessly making positive self-talk a part of your daily routine to make yourself appear as someone you believe in and achieve the result you desire.

The business world is focused on promotion. It does not matter how good you are, and if you’re proficient in what you do as long as you’re a well-hidden secret.

Promoting yourself and your business takes surety and confidence and all of that is tied to the self-talk you use.

In the business world You must be prepared and ready to put the time and effort behind your ideas. You have to be willing to venture out into the world, and to market yourself, market your product and also promote your service.

However, self-doubt is able to sabotage the whole thing when you dwell on your failures in the past, and compare yourself to other people who have done the same as you and allow yourself to succumb to those fears. This is when Imposter Syndrome feelings can kick into high gear and overtake you.

The best way to combat self-doubt and allow your self-esteem to take over is to act. This is the only way to get the experience that you require to achieve your goals that you’ve set for yourself. As you advance through the smaller objectives to achieve the bigger ones, and it will increase your self-esteem and put self-doubt in the shadows.

Relying on your self-confidence to get rid of doubts about yourself when they threaten to engulf you and ruin any plans you have for your future can be as simple as making a list of the past successes and achievements, together with your mental capacity to accomplish your goals. After all, you’ve succeeded at many things in the past and can achieve it again.

This is why keeping track of your successes is vital and necessary in accelerating your progress. Noting successes have occurred in other areas of your life is useful, since it helps remind you of the behaviors and steps you had to have in place to achieve the results you obtained.

If you are able to apply this method to what you’ll need to accomplish, then you have a template available to guide you in your next steps toward your success.

Make a commitment to learning take a step back from your head and get some coaching or mentoring.

Eliminating the self-doubt that you’re likely to feel, when you begin an enterprise for the first time can be achieved by taking continuous targeted action; making use of your past successes as a reference point and blueprint and investing in continual training and assistance. These simple actions can send you on the path to getting the results you desire.

And do you know what else it can accomplish?

It can help boost your self-esteem.

Veronica Hislop is a Women’s Empowerment Transformation Strategist. She is also a “Ninja Stress Busting Warrior.”


Self-doubt and self-doubt being recognized and eliminated so that it does not interfere with your role in the business world is among the most important things you can do to increase self-esteem.

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