Make Your Day and Get Out of Your Way!

Sometimes, we have to step out of our own way and take a risk. But fear of failure or being ridiculed and not being liked, or even thought badly of, can hinder us from stepping into the unknown and stop us from gradually moving forward towards acquiring new abilities, skills and life experiences.

It could cause us to resist offers to try out new locations and activities or to try something new or even speak at an event, due to anxiety or fear of what could happen. We can be unsure of ourselves, run a ‘what if’ narrative. Perhaps we’re not sure what to say or do, or are afraid of appearing ridiculous or being uncomfortable.

However, others share the same anxiety and worries. It can motivate and inspire individuals to give it a shot when they observe others taking risks and not getting out of their own way and not worrying excessively about the possible negative consequences.

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Others are often appreciative and supportive of those who try to do something, so why not decide to take a few positive steps? Let us stop stealing ourselves and take advantage of the chance to leave our comfortable zone!

Start with a small amount. When you start with one step at a time, you gradually increase your confidence. If you’re a social phobic rather than agreeing to go for dinner at a lively ultra-smart eatery, why not begin by getting used to going out for breakfasts and coffees at the most the most busy times of the day? Choose positive ways to take time to do things your way, create your day more enjoyable and take a break from the crowd!

– Get used to mixing with a variety of people and going out. If you’re planning a meeting, interview or presentation, practice pulling together several bullet points. You can also practice in front of either a mirror or an intimate, supportive audience. Pay attention to the areas which you’re not sure about.

Be awareof how you talk to yourself. We’re often our own worst critic by berating ourselves in ways we’d never dream of speaking to others. Instead, tell yourself you’re capable of it, it’s worth it, that other people aren’t as attracted or enthused by your work as you can be; any way to assist in overcoming any initial doubts and hesitancy.

– The – that feel neglected, that need some help. Utilize this opportunity as the motivation to improve your appearance, style and image, benefit your conversational skills or your education. It could take a bit of effort, but your effort is rewarded by enhancing your life and creating a greater sense of satisfaction to the success of your day-to-day activities.

It is important to Stay up-to-date to local information and the most popular TV shows, thus enabling you to find it relatively easy to participate in conversations and make connections with other people. Or ask people ‘tame’ inquiries about their holidays or about how they spend their time; fairly secure ways to start conversations.

Ask for the assistanceof an empathetic friend or family member Therapist, coach, or mentor. Someone who’s there for you and will support you often applauding your efforts and sometimes offering a nudge to keep going. Be open to the possibility of that happening and be open to constructive suggestions and feedback. It’s interesting to discover how differently others regard us, compared to what we perceive ourselves as.

– Nurture a curious, engaged mind by doing something new and challenging each day, so making you think and get out of your comfortable zone. It could be as simple as taking on a different route to workor making something you’ve never attempted before to eat for dinner. Consider ways to create a positive, interesting and engaged way of life and be enthralled whatever it leads you to.

Value the occasions to say “yes’to invitations and to explore new experiences and relationships. The simple act of agreeing to take on tasks that might not be appealing initially can lead to unexpected successes as well as adventures. Sometimes saying ‘no’ can be beneficial, if it stops you from becoming exhausted and overwhelmed.

When we let go of our own way We no longer think about how other people view usor how to keep them happy. We stop looking for the easy options in our lives or justifying reasons to not do things. The flow of life allows us to be in the moment and feel enthusiastic about attempting something new. If you let go of the way, you will enhance your day!

Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship coach and writer who also contributes to media. She offers help with relationship issues, assertiveness, stress management and confidence. She works with individual clients or couples and also provides group workshops and assistance.

She’s the author of three books entitled ‘Dealing with Stress and the Effect it has on us 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ and “Dealing With Death, Coping with pain’. All available accessible on Amazon and with simple to follow sections, tips and ideas to help you get more confident about your life.