Leaders Must Commit To FINEST Efforts!

Over the course of four decades of professional and personal involvement in almost everythingthat is related to effectively and effectively leading including identifying and selecting and preparing, training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, or potential leaders, and personally, servingmany times, as an executive I am of the firm belief that true leaders must never be willing to accept anything that is less than their best, because, good – enough doesn’t bring forth the FINESTefforts! In all fairness, a large portion of that blame/ responsibility comes from the fact that very few organizations have committed themselves, to customized professionally designed leadership training and planning programs, in order to ensure that their leadership are better-prepared and prepared for the moment they need to be! In this context this article will try to briefly think about how to look at, analyze, and analyze, using a method of mnemonics, what this means and represents, and the reason why it is important.

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1. Face facts; faithful and future, fruition outcomes:Groups need leaders, who are committed, to the ideals of the organization (including its heritage, history as well as its demographics, mission etc) and their respective stakeholders instead of any personalor political agenda or opinions, or selfish interests! Though, a positive can-do attitude, is a needed characteristic and behaviour that must be displayed without resorting to the tendency to wear, rose-colored glasses! Instead, they should confront the facts and consider the various possibilities and options with an open-minded mind and the goal of determining the most effective path to take into the future! However, it’s not enough, for one to simply, make statements, etc, but, rather, he must strategically plan and develop an action plan that will help bring the most ideal scenario to life! Leaders who are truly successful feel that they must take the right action, because, they hold themselves responsible, for the outcome of their business, for example.

2. Integrity Ideals/ideologies and imagination. Innovate significant; effects:One must proceed, with absolute integrity, especially when faced with challenges, and avoid resorting to a course of perceived ease or stress, etc! Whatever actions one takes, must reflect his personal ideals with the ethos of the particular group and must do it using a mature imaginative and relevant thinking, as well as the capacity and desire to be innovative, when needed! He distinguishes the most important issues from trivial ones, and thoroughly evaluates the effects and implications of whether or not acting to!

3. requires:Simply – stated, real leadership, should be, about preferences, needs, perceptions and selecting the most appropriate solutions!

4. Empathy, emphasis, efforts, excellence enduranceGreat leaders must conduct themselves with genuine empathy and place a large portion of their emphasis, accordingly! Their efforts should emphasize excellence, and they need to be strong and have determination to carry on, when much of the rest of – the = pack, gives – up!

5. Solutions; service; sustainable; strengths/ stronger; systems:We need leaders, who use each group’s strengths, effectively, in order to make it more durable and stronger! It is their job to develop feasible solutions with the goal of offering the best possible service! What one’s system is, and how well it’s developed will distinguish the top leadership, and/ or even less!

6. Trust/Truth that is timely, well-developed and time tested; trends; together:One must, consistently, tell the truth, and be believed to do this to win the trust of the stakeholders! Ideas should be carefully thought-through, timely, and well developed, and test-driven, when needed! Furthermore, one should discern, comprehend and utilize in a way that is appropriate to the current trends, that may be relevant in the hope of connecting us for the greater good!

If you are looking to lead, never let anything be that is less than your most exemplaryefforts! Are you ready for the responsibilities and tasks?